hair salon litchfield ct

'The' Haircut is your standard haircut, executed to our highest standard. This can include; a scissor cut, clippers faded backsides, hair dried, style and finish. Then get the add-ons!

Adult | $40
With Beard Trim | $47
Bald Fade with Beard | $40
Children's Cut | $30
Seniors | $30
Veterans/ First Responders | $30
Edge-Up | $20
Undercut | $30
Men's Color | $69
VIP | $75

Whether you just need a tidy up and reshape or, you need your beard trimming down if it is getting in the way; we can trim and advise you on how to keep it neat, tidy and under control. We can also provide tips on how to effectively grow your beard and manage it in between trims. All beard trims come with an optional hot towel and cut throat, straight razor line out to get those lines extra sharp.

Beard Trim | $25

A professional hot shave is an experience. If you've never had one, it goes down like this: The barber will prep you, using hot towels and straight razors. It feels indulgent, really, but the result is lasting: A sharp, clean shave without nicks, razor burn, or scratchy irritation.

Hot Towel Shave | $35