Our Story

Since childhood, I dreamed of being a stylist and owning a salon. Little did I know where this path would lead. I've been in the styling world since '83. Dawn's Pizzazz began as a concept for my senior project and blossomed into reality in '86 with just 2 employees, 5 chairs, and 2 tanning beds. Fast forward, DPZ Group now spans 2 locations, 45+ employees, and diverse services.

Starting a business involves taking risks. I relocated after 6 years, feeling the urge to purchase a building to stabilize. Despite initial doubts about a location linked to personal loss, stepping into 81 West Street felt like destiny. That place became the heart of Dawn's Pizzazz since '97.

The dedication of long-serving team members helped lay our foundation. Their happiness and comfort breed creativity and success. Creating a contented space was my core aim, a haven where the community finds not just services but refuge. Over 38 years, DPZ Group has transcended being merely a spa. Our bond with the community is pivotal, as we've supported numerous charitable causes and will persist in doing so.

I hope you see the vision I had when starting this journey and find joy in everything DPZ Group offers.

~All of my dreams, accomplishments, and aspirations are dedicated to the memory of my parents, Arthur W. Maestro, 1945 - 1992 and Elizabeth R. Yanzo, 1945 - 2004.

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