A healthy, radiant complexion reflects how your face looks and feels. Our estheticians are professionally trained to evaluate your skin and its individual needs to establish a skin care regimen that will benefit the health of your skin.

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European Facials

This facial features a skin analysis, 2-stage peeling, extractions of impurities, face, neck and shoulder massage followed by treatment mask and finishing creme. An amazing revitalization of the skin!



For the busy man or woman-You will take some time to relax, and leave with clean and refreshed skin, along with an unbelievable feeling of well-being.


Teen Facial

One of our estheticians will educate you on proper skin care and the "how-to's" of healthy skin along with treating any problem skin flare-ups.


Back Facial

A distinct treatment for the back and shoulders to help improve acne prone areas and treat breakouts. Cleanses and exfoliates the area to help prevent future breakouts.


Skin Renewal

This treatment formula loosens the top layer of the skin, exposing new skin to the surface. It encourages a smoother, younger-looking complexion. It is wonderful for problem, sun-damaged or prematurely aged skin.


Firming Facial

A facial that utilizes fluid cream optimizer, an immediate intensive treatment for the rejuvenation and firming of the skin with biovitalization regenerators. Helps to visibly diminish the appearance of fatigue lines and wrinkles. Skin will look instantly brighter and radiant.


Anti-Aging Facial

A rejuvenation treatment for mature, atonic skin and scars. This facial utilizes biological extracts to help restore a youthful vitality and freshness to the skin. For optimal results best if done weekly as a series of four.


Excellence Code facial

A unique, ultra-effective solution to treating all signs of aging. A global solution treating on a cellular level the overall health and condition for mature skin. Improves texture, discoloration, wrinkles, firmness, and dryness.


Deep Hydration Facial

A rejuvenating and nourishing facial that works to visibly reduce the appearance of lines and silken the skin. An astonishing way to remedy dryness and impart a dewy senstaion to your complexion.


Sinus Relief Facial

Deeply cleanse the skin while clearing congested sinuses. A lymphatic drainage massage will also help to relieve the pressure from sinus-related issues.


Chemical Exfoliation

These treatments provide amazing results! Chemical Exfoliation treatments help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, reduces the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, improves skin's elasticity, skin tone and texture. It also increases the skin's ability to absorb products, refines the appearance of pores and improves the skin's overall appearance. Maximum results with a series of 4-6 treatments.


Eye Contour Treatment & Mask

A treatment for the delicate eye area to help ease puffiness and eliminate fine lines.


Exfoliating Treatment

A gentle exfoliation to help eliminate the dead skin cells that leave your complexion looking dull.


Essential White Facial

Lightens dark spots. Prevents hyperpigmentation. For optimal results best if done weekly and as a series of four.


Glo Signature Facial

Our signature facial is customized from beginning to end based on your skin type, key concerns and your skin's specific needs. Incorporating modern, professional exfoliation, this treatment provides results with no downtime to reveal a radiant, revitalized complexion. This service combines the power of touch, aromatherapy and light massage for deep relaxation to promote overall well-being and balance.


Firm Skin Treatment

Smooth, soften and revitalize your complexion with this advanced treatment utilizing plant stem cell technology. The facial begins with a Lactic Acid chemical exfoliation, its powerful concentration of actives deliver instant smoothing and toning. Skin is then nourished with vitamins and botanicals during a relaxing massage, followed with application of a serum and mask designed to help regain elasticity and plumpness. After the treatment, your skin is left looking lifted and lustrous


Smooth Skin Treatment

Refine skin's texture with this ultra-smoothing facial treatment featuring Glycolic Acid. This powerful Hydroxy Acid combines with Retinol to help stimulate cellular regeneration and condition skin, revealing a healthy, luminous complexion. An aromatherapy massage and hydrating mask add a soothing aspect to this active treatment - balancing results with relaxation.


Bright Skin Treatment

Revitalize tired, dull skin from the inside out with a powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners and moisturizing agents designed to treat hyperpigmentation and even tone, resulting in a more luminous complexion. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation, relaxing massage and a nourishing mask. Your day looks brighter already.


Clear Skin Treatment

Target existing breakouts while drawing out impurities and refining texture to fight future flare-ups. Enzymatic exfoliation softens and preps skin to clear debris from follicles, followed by a clay treatment mask to draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients purify the skin, reduce bacteria as well as irritation. Couple this professional treatment with homecare products for the ultimate acne clearing solution.


Galvanic facial

A galvanic facial uses direct electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances into the surface of the skin. This helps to improve absorption and is obviously therefore great for dry or dehydrated skin. However, it can also help people with oily skin, as it removes congestion by reducing oil content and preventing acne breakouts. In turn, galvanic currents boost the effectiveness of most any skin treatment. It can be a great anti-aging treatment.



A medical exfoliating treatment to effectively remove dead skin cells by way of a medical blade. It eliminates "peach fuzz" and is safe for all skin types except those with acneic skin. Promotes smoother skin, unclogs pores and aids in deeper penetration of skin care products. A fantastic treatment on its own or even better before a peel! Your skin has never felt so soft.


Ultrasonic facial

The ultrasonic facial is gentle,medically proven, non-invasive treatment suitable for most skin types, from acne to sun-damaged skin. It deeply cleanses, repairs, tightens and stimulates the skin. It uses high-intensity frequency ultrasound (HIFU) waves to loosen and remove dead skin cells, and restore the natural electrical charge to cells.Your skin will have that lit-from-within glow - making it the perfect treatment to indulge in before a big event.


High frequency facial

The high frequency facial is a skin care treatment used to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes and fade dark eye circles.Considered a timeless and essential skin rejuvenating treatment by those the skin care industry, high frequency has been shown to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming the tissues of the skin.


Hydra Radiance Peel

Smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. With a larger molecular size, Lactic Acid is a preferred option for dry and sensitive skin as well as first time peel clients. Added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin.


GlyPro Resurfacing Peel

Repairs and regenerates skin. A versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant appropriate for most skin types, effectively aids oily, problematic skin. Improves the appearance of facial lines, uneven tone and texture.


Beta Clarity Peel

Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties. Treats oily, congested and acne-prone skin. Helps rejuvenate, smooth and balance the complexion.


GlyPro Power Peel+

Effectively rejuvenates damaged skin by stimulating fresher, healthy cell growth. Improves the appearance of aging and photodamaged skin as well as acne. Helps smooth texture, soften fine lines and even skin tone.


Triple Transformation Peel

This modified Jessner formula delivers a synergy of effective acids designed to create transformation, reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne.

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Stand alone peel

In a rush? Come in for a quick cleanse and one of our peels only. (10 minutes)


High frequency

An esthetician waves an electrode-tipped wand that emits argon gas along with an electrical current to generate oxygen, kill bacteria and calm inflamed skin - effectively disappearing that zit away with no downtime!



An esthetician waves an ultrasonic wand that emits high intensity frequency ultrasound to promote bright tight skin, reduce fine lines, boost blood circulation and better penetrate medical grade skin care products.


Custom Hydro Jelly Masque

A custom hydro jelly peel off mask will leave your skin glowing, soft and supple by locking in hydration.


Decolletage Mask

Take care of this extension of your face. Nourish, hydrate and firm with a customized mask.

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