Tired Leg and Foot Treatment~ Energize your tired leg and feet with this specialized massage that will balance water retention and relieve thick ankles and calves.  $35 starting price

Stress Relieving Back Treatment~ Alleviate aches and tension in your neck and shoulders while unlocking trapped fuids and toxins. Helps calm your nerves and balance stress levels.  $75 starting price

Body Exfoliation Treatment~ Renew your skin’s surface with this fruit derived peel that transforms dull flaky skin into a silky smooth finish. Removes dead skin cells and detoxifies skin.  You will be left with a radiant, healthy glow.  $125 starting price

Buff & Bronze~ For an even tan without the sun’s aging effects, experience an all over body exfoliation to eliminate all dry patches and prepare the skin for an even application of our exclusive self tanning lotion, giving you a healthy outdoor glow.  $150 starting price

Remineralizing Seaweed Body Wrap~ Unlock trapped toxins stored in your body with this unique treatment.  This will reduce cellulite while stimulating the lymphatic system.  Rehydrate and remineralize your skin while improving the tone and color.  This leaves you looking your best for any special occasion.  $175 starting price

The Ultimate Body Experience~ A combination of the seaweed and salt glow body treatment; finish with light massage. Enjoy the luxury of having two treatments in one.  $200 starting price

Therapeutic Body Massage~ After a consultation with one of our massage therapists, you will receive the best massage suited to your individual needs.

Swedish Massage ~

30 Minute $45 starting price

60 Minute $80 starting price

90 Minute $110 starting price

Deep Tissue Massage ~

30 Minute $55 starting price

60 Minute $95 starting price

90 Minute $130 starting price

Reflexology~ Added onto any massage $40

10 Minute Chair ~$15
15 Minute Chair ~$20
20 Minute Chair~$25
Leg & Foot Massage~$45

Aromatherapy~ Add on any massage or session $10

Reflexology Experience~ A spa treatment concentrated on reflex points on your feet and hands.  These reflex points relate to specific organs and glands in the body, and stimulating those points with finger pressure promotes health in those organs and glands via the body’s energetic pathways.  Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.

Feet 75 Minutes~$65

Hands 30 Minutes~$35

*Prices are subject to change, and do not reflect CT State Sales Tax

starting prices are based on Therapist, Master Therapist and Specialist levels.

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