Senior Stylist


When I was growing up my grandfather was a barber and owned a barber shop in New York. After he passed away I was proud to be the only family member who followed in his footsteps and I know he would be proud of me as well. Ever since high school I knew I wanted a career that was hands-on, fun, and motivating. I started at Dpz in 2004 as an assistant while studying in beauty school. I went through an extensive training program with platform artist Élan McDowell my first few years at Dpz before starting on the floor as a stylist. Since then I have grown into a creative and confident stylist advancing to Senior Stylist. I’ve attended educational classes and seminars with some of the top educators in the country including Gerard Kierans (Surface), Élan McDowell, Jo Blackwell (L’oreal), and Oribe, so I am able to keep my clients educated and up-to-date on the latest trends and hair care. I have also attended classes at the L’oreal SOHO Academy and Bumble & bumble in NYC.

In my 14 years in the industry I have found a love for brides and formal styling. The fact that I can play a huge role in the most important day of someone’s life and make them feel beautiful is an amazing feeling. I also love up work because I can tap into my creativity and knowledge to customize each up-do for the client knowing what will work best with their hair type. I also enjoy cutting and custom-coloring as well. Not only do I have an amazing and creative work environment but I’m fortunate to have an amazing family of talented and loving people to work with.