20th Annual Greater Danbury Good Scout Luncheon

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20th Annual Greater Danbury Good Scout Luncheon

Join us as we honor individuals from the area whose leadership in the
community helps to inspire future generations of young people.

Proceeds benefit the leadership development and values-based programs of the Boy Scouts of America, Connecticut Yankee Council.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 – Amber Room Colonnade 
1 Stacey Road, Danbury, 11:30 am Reception 12:00 pm
Luncheon & Program 

If you would like to attend this function please click here to download
the required form.



DPZ North Welcomes Suzanne Yannielli

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DPZ North welcomes Suzanne Yannielli, Founder and previous owner of Spenser T. Michael’s Salon in Morris, Ct.  Suzanne brings with her many years of experience in the Beauty Industry from behind her chair to educating professionals in the art of color.  She has worked for L’Oreal Professionnel as a Regional Education Manager and currently as a Business Development Manager for Goldwell of New England/Essential Salon Products, working with top salons in Boston as well as throughout New England.

Fill The Food Pantry

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Together we can accomplish anything!!! Hunger has no limits!! Bring in non perishable food to you next appointment in either location and receive $5 your next booking. Thank you for helping us Make a Difference in our communities ♥

Taking food donations until December 22,2012

DPZ Beauty Brigade

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Title: DPZ Beauty Brigade
Location: 98Q
Description: Do you know someone who needs a visit from the DPZ Beauty Brigade? Write us and tell us why someone you know deserves a makeover. Each week The DPZ Team will pick one deserving person for a Makeover Takeover! We will surprise the winner every Friday from Sept 21st to Oct 26th from DPZ On West. The winner will be pampered with a NEW LOOK!!! All six winners before and after pics will be posted to you to vote on who’s makeover was the best! The winner will receive a wonderful day of wine tasting with Vintage Vineyard Experience for 4 people! Stay tuned to 98Q and listen as our friend Rich Minor gives you details and up to date winners!!!

*DPZ North will launch the Beauty Brigade in Novemeber!!

Start Date: 2012-09-14
Start Time: 6:00 am
End Date: 2012-10-26

Fall Trends Makeup Symposium

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Title: Fall Trends Makeup Symposium
Location: SOHO NYC
Description: DPZ Makeup Artists attending Fall Trends Makeup Event ~Melissa, Lacie, Nicole and Jackie will bring home fresh looks for YOU!
Date: 2012-09-10

DPZ North Now Open!

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Come explore the possibilities that the award-winning, talented teams at both DPZ on West in Danbury, and now DPZ North in Litchfield, can offer you. Whether you are looking for a classic, timeless look, or a sexy, fun and flirty look…we can help to make it a reality.  We are looking forward to providing the same level of professionalism and excellence that Dawn’s Pizzazz has brought to the greater Danbury area for over 25 years to our new friends in the Litchfield Hills.

DPZ….because your style is as individual as you are!

Dpz North Hair and Make-up Studio offers the following services;

Hair Design
Haircut Finish from $50
Men’s Haircut from $25
Children’s Haircut (12 & Under) from $20
Shampoo Finish from $25
Formal Styling from $45
Tone & Hue
Global Color from $60
Retouch Single Process from $40
First Time Double Process from $90
Retouch Double Process from $80
Mini Foil from $60
Partial Foil from $90
Full Foil from $125
Corrective Priced upon Consultation
Perms from $70
Smoothing Systems from $250
Remoisturizing Treatments
from $20
Make-Up Application $50
Make-Up Lesson with Chart $85
Airbrush Foundation $25
Eyelash Application $10
Wedding Day
Prices for In-Salon Hair and Make-up
Bride from $150
Bridesmaid from $55
Formal Hair Design from $40
Child’s Hair Design (Under 12) From $35
Bride Make-Up $85
Bridesmaid Make-Up $70
Aibrush Foundation Add $25
Off-Site or Before/After Salon Hours Available Upon Request
All Services are a la carte. Prices based on stylist level.

What’s keeping you from your health?

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As a massage therapist, I often hear people talk about the reasons why they don’t take the opportunity to explore the benefits of massage therapy. I am here to help comfort you on some of the fears and misconceptions of getting a massage.

The most common reasons regard is the body – I’m too fat, too skinny, have cellulite, scars, too hairy, dislike a certain body part and the list goes on and on. The fact is that as a massage therapist, I am looking beyond that – looking at the body as tissue, not just a form. I am “reading” the body, looking for clues on how to treat your body, not to judge you! These indicators are often apparent just by talking to you prior to the massage, fully clothed, by looking at posture or the way you walk, for example. Be aware also, that this is YOUR massage and you dictate what I work on and what I don’t – if there is a body part that concerns you, I will simply avoid that area to make it a more pleasant experience for you. Communication and respect are essential in a massage.

Another fear is being exposed. Once I meet with you and discuss what you are looking for in this massage session (relaxation, back pain relief, etc.) I will then exit the room to give you the privacy to disrobe and lay on the table – covered completely by the sheet provided. (I always offer the option to wear undergarments if the client feels more comfortable in doing so). I will then knock before entering. Once on the table, you will be properly draped the entire time. In a professional massage proper draping is the law – literally. The only part exposed at any time is the one that I am working with; the rest of the body will remain covered under the sheet. Please note that genitals and women’s breasts are never exposed!

As a massage therapist I also hear men and women with concerns regarding receiving a massage from a male. Men often shy away from another male working on them due to stereotypical misconceptions and women fear the above; body concerns and exposure, as well as fears of the sexual nature. Whether male or female, my only concern is how to give you the best massage in a safe environment, keeping you relaxed and healing your body. There are no hidden agendas or sexual undertones. Unfortunately, many unlicensed spas are highlighted in the media, due to the lack of these concerns and often cast shadows on the legitimate businesses in the industry. Again, be aware, look for a massage therapist who is licensed and works for a reputable business.

Think about it – touch has been around since the beginning of time! There is a sense of peace and compassion often associated with it. Do you remember as a child, getting injured and the comfort you felt as a parent held you or the warmth you feel as a friend or significant other hugs you in a time of need? Touch is needed in a person’s life – it’s been scientifically proven – and everyone deserves a healing touch. With benefits such as relaxation, alleviating back pain, improving range of motion in muscles and joints, improving circulation, relieving migraines, enhancing immunity – by stimulating the lymph flow, reducing recovery time in over worked muscles, reduction in spasms and cramping, reducing post-surgery adhesions and edema, releasing endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer, eliminating the need for medications and even assisting with shorter labor for expectant mothers. These are just a few of the many benefits associated with massage therapy, and with some of the fears that are common in massage therapy alleviated, WHAT’S KEEPING YOU FROM YOUR HEALTH??  – Joseph Braguez


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Oribe is now available at the DPZ. 
The Oribe line delivers the highest possible levels of innovation and performance. Beautiful in function and form alike, this line is for taste-driven individuals who know that personal style – perfectly expressed through excellence – is the ultimate luxury.

Marcus Daniels

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Marcus Daniels is coming to the DPZ! Beverly Hills colorist to such A list celebrities as Faith Hill, Tori Spelling, Gloria Estefan and Jane Krakowski will be seeing clients on a limited basis at the DPZ! Marcus has appeared on Extra, Fox Network, Split Ends, Fashion Emergency, Good Day LA and in publications Cosmopolitan, Allure, US Weekly and Town & Country. Daniels takes his color cues from the flecks in the irises, the energy he feels from the person, their lifestyle, and what he calls his secret sauce. Don’t miss this opportunity to defy your expections!