My father graduated from Henry Abbott Technical High School and now makes a living crafting amazing kitchens, bathrooms, etc from scratch. Needless to say he's where I get my creative knack from. I have always loved all things creative and beauty since I could remember. I love using my hands to start with basic things and end up with something incredible! I was blessed enough to have two aunts in hairdressing and was able to submerge myself in that atmosphere at a young age. One i am lucky enough to share my journey with and the other is watching down on me each step of the way! I was always in and out of my Aunt Diane's hairdressing chair, having her color and cut my hair, still am! Getting my hair done is one of my favorite things to do! I've always had the passion and ability to help others around me. I entered the cosmetology field to continue to do just that! Being able to hold the power in your hands of how someone else feels about themselves is a huge honor. Whatever I can do to help someone feel better, whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally, while they're in my chair, I will try my best to do so! I am a firm believer in the strength of trades and value their importance forevermore.