Cut-A-Thon for Baby Zoe

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Title: Cut-A-Thon for Baby Zoe
Location: DPZ North
Description: call 860-567-3111 to reserve your appointment and additional details.
Cut-A-Thon will be held from 10am till 2pm at DPZ North, Litchfield, CT
Date: 2014-10-05

Knead some help getting through the holidays????

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We at DPZ would like to lend a helping hand during this holiday season

With the stress of the approaching holidays and winter – a MASSAGE could be help you need! Here are 4 reasons why you should book now!

1)   Stress Relief

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

2)   Fight colds & flu

Studies have shown that a single massage produced measurable changes in the immune system and endocrine system of healthy adults. This increases with each additional massage.

3)   Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

With limited daylight throughout the winter months, massage is a healthy alternative to medications. Massage can help boost your mood and levels of happiness.

4)   Saving you money!

Discounted Swedish massage sessions from November 25, 2013 to December 31, 2013!!!

60 minute massages will be $50!! ($30 savings)

90 minute massages will be $80!! ($30 savings)k-bigpic

Thinning Hair

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This is a topic that women don’t usually want to talk about, especially if it pertains to themselves…Alopecia, better known as baldness.  For a majority of men, this topic will be all too familiar.  Male pattern baldness is common and often talked about.  Male pattern baldness is much different than female pattern baldness in such that a male’s hairline recedes and the hair at the crown of the head also thins.  Women on the other hand tend to thin all over while maintaining the hairline.

Society allows men to quickly find a role model; Mr. Clean has been around for years!  There are sexy bald men on the screen and on our city streets.  For women there aren’t many role models.  There have been a few female celebrities that have shaved it all off for a movie role (think Demi Moore, Sigourney Weaver and most recently, Natalie Portman), some applauded, but in reality that was a choice they made for a movie, their job. This is not usually a fashion choice willingly made for the everyday woman.  For most of us, our hair is such an integral part of who we are.  Women can be very self-conscious and for some of us (including me) when you have a “Bad hair day” you don’t feel put together.  Just imagine the psychological effects from actually losing your hair, it can be traumatizing.   I am talking from experience.  My mom’s hair had been thinning for years and being in the industry it was difficult for me because I couldn’t find a solution!  She tried just about every product that came out, some with benefits and some without.   She would get her hair cut in different ways to make it look it’s best.  What we didn’t know is she was battling a disease and it was probably the cause of some of her hair loss.

Women can lose their hair for many different reasons.  The most difficult one has many other emotional  factors that go along with it and that is chemotherapy.  Most chemotherapy treatments have the side effect of severe hair loss, often from various parts of the body.   Losing your eyebrows can also be devastating.  My advice is if you or a loved one is faced with the  possibility of severe hair loss, seek out a professional stylist and a certified permanent makeup technician before the process begins.  This way you will have the maximum potential of a natural look and you won’t be rushing to make a decision.  Most salons today offer professional wig styling.  Seek out a professional stylist that is trained and set up a consultation.  Most consultations are complimentary, and the peace of mind is priceless.  I will say this; I have had clients go through chemotherapy over the years and when their hair grew back it was amazing.  The integrity, shine and texture was still there.

Some medications can have the side effect of hair loss.  Most of the time it is temporary.  Going on or off birth control pills, pregnancy, crash dieting, anemia, stress, hormone fluctuations and thyroid problems are a few more.  Statistics report that one out of four women in the United States will experience hair loss.  13% of premenopausal women have some evidence of alopecia and 75% of women over 65.  Dear Lord! We have to contend with enough genetic garbage and now we have to worry about our hair!

I made reference to products for thinning hair earlier in the column.  No hair product can “cure” baldness, but there are several options out there that can have some impact.   Many clients have had some success with treatment lines.  Please discuss any hair care needs with your stylist, they are there to not only help you look your best, but to offer guidance with any hair care issues you may be encountering.  And, as always, if you see a drastic change, be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with your physician.

Our salon continuously donates hair.  There is a non-profit organization that takes donated hair of 10 inches (it can’t be bleached) it can be chemically treated in good health.  Locks of Love provides hair pieces for children 18 or younger with long term illness. If you would like more information go to the web . There are many wig companies out there, when a hairpiece is properly made for you it makes all the difference in the world.

I would be happy to provide anyone with further information.  Feel free to either email me at or contact the salon 203-794-1113.

 Written by Dawn Blom

Permanent Makeup

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I have to share with all of you a wonderful procedure I just experienced!  For years I have been hearing about permanent makeup and always was interested but hesitant.  I was under the impression that the method to apply it was just like a tattoo…WITH A GUN!!!  My thought was “No one is getting near my eye with a tattoo gun, I don’t care how good they are!”  There are trained people out there that do use a tattoo machine.  I had eyeliner on my top lid done with a hand held implement.  I prepared myself for pain.  I think many people can relate- I was laying down on a table and pushed my head into the cushion anticipating PAIN!!!  I was pleasantly surprised that it really wasn’t anything like I assumed.  The technician (who is certified by Softap Micropigmentation) applied a numbing cream before she started the process and within 20 minutes I didn’t feel any pain what so ever.  The liner is right at my lash line and looks very natural.

The method is amazing.  Softaps is an innovative technique that is done by softly implanting color into the skin.  You’ll receive maximum comfort and fast healing.  The implements are sterile and the technician has complete control.  I am so thrilled with the result.  Next on my list are my brows.

There are many options with permanent makeup.  You can enhance your eyes with liner on top or bottom.  There are many people who have patchy eyebrows, brows that don’t grow in an area; lack of brows from medical reasons or your brows could simply be too light in color.  Permanent makeup is a fabulous solution for those challenges.  Lips can be defined or a full lip could be applied.  Maybe you would like a beauty mark or you have one that you would like to boost in color.  You can even camouflage scars.

I had many questions,

How long does it last?  The beauty about “permanent” makeup is it is just that.  Time will soften the color and you may want a touch up after 1 to 8 years.  It truly depends on how “you” take care of the sight.  But it will never smudge!

Is there a variety of colors?  There are many colors to choose from.  The technician will have a consultation with you and during that time she will direct you to the color that suits you best.

Is it painful?  No two people have the same level pain tolerance. I’m sure you can relate to everyone’s head aches are different!

Is it safe?  The implements that are used with the Softap system are disposable and sterile.

Permanent has been around since ancient Egypt….No wonder Cleopatra has been described as beautiful.




What’s keeping you from your health? By Joe Braguez

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As a massage therapist, I often hear people talk about the reasons why they don’t take the opportunity to explore the benefits of massage therapy. I am here to help comfort you on some of the fears and misconceptions of getting a massage.

The most common reasons regard is the body – I’m too fat, too skinny, have cellulite, scars, too hairy, dislike a certain body part and the list goes on and on. The fact is that as a massage therapist, I am looking beyond that – looking at the body as tissue, not just a form. I am “reading” the body, looking for clues on how to treat your body, not to judge you! These indicators are often apparent just by talking to you prior to the massage, fully clothed, by looking at posture or the way you walk, for example. Be aware also, that this is YOUR massage and you dictate what I work on and what I don’t – if there is a body part that concerns you, I will simply avoid that area to make it a more pleasant experience for you. Communication and respect are essential in a massage.

Another fear is being exposed. Once I meet with you and discuss what you are looking for in this massage session (relaxation, back pain relief, etc.) I will then exit the room to give you the privacy to disrobe and lay on the table – covered completely by the sheet provided. (I always offer the option to wear undergarments if the client feels more comfortable in doing so). I will then knock before entering. Once on the table, you will be properly draped the entire time. In a professional massage proper draping is the law – literally. The only part exposed at any time is the one that I am working with; the rest of the body will remain covered under the sheet. Please note that genitals and women’s breasts are never exposed!

As a massage therapist I also hear men and women with concerns regarding receiving a massage from a male. Men often shy away from another male working on them due to stereotypical misconceptions and women fear the above; body concerns and exposure, as well as fears of the sexual nature. Whether male or female, my only concern is how to give you the best massage in a safe environment, keeping you relaxed and healing your body. There are no hidden agendas or sexual undertones. Unfortunately, many unlicensed spas are highlighted in the media, due to the lack of these concerns and often cast shadows on the legitimate businesses in the industry. Again, be aware, look for a massage therapist who is licensed and works for a reputable business.

Think about it – touch has been around since the beginning of time! There is a sense of peace and compassion often associated with it. Do you remember as a child, getting injured and the comfort you felt as a parent held you or the warmth you feel as a friend or significant other hugs you in a time of need? Touch is needed in a person’s life – it’s been scientifically proven – and everyone deserves a healing touch. With benefits such as relaxation, alleviating back pain, improving range of motion in muscles and joints, improving circulation, relieving migraines, enhancing immunity – by stimulating the lymph flow, reducing recovery time in over worked muscles, reduction in spasms and cramping, reducing post-surgery adhesions and edema, releasing endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer, eliminating the need for medications and even assisting with shorter labor for expectant mothers. These are just a few of the many benefits associated with massage therapy, and with some of the fears that are common in massage therapy alleviated, WHAT’S KEEPING YOU FROM YOUR HEALTH??

Joe Braguez Licensed Massage Therapist



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Location: DPZ ON WEST
Description: DPZ is proud to announce our partnership with the luxurious line of hair care products!
Date: 20013-04–1

Attention Prom Girls!!!

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PROM GIRLS SPREAD THE WORD!! If your friends “DROP YOUR NAME” when booking you could win a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card and some pampering at DPZ! Each School will have a winner!!! So SEND YOUR FRIENDS & have them tell us YOU sent them! Call for details~ DPZ North 860.567.3111