Master Wax Therapist


I never would have thought that waxing would be an ultimate passion of mine. I started this technique at a very young age, 13 to say the least. Being a teenager was not at all easy for me and the only way that I got through my teenage years was teaching myself how to wax until I went to school for it. Because waxing made me feel good about myself, I wanted others to start feeling lifted the way I felt. My hobby turned into something passionate. Getting waxed is not at all an easy process but I make the experience so welcoming and comfortable. I’m very personable, so not only do I enjoy doing this craft, I enjoy getting to know each and every one of my guests as my guests get to know me as well. I’m truly excited to be apart of DPZ, my first time walking in was very comforting. I know that I’m apart of a family and I want my guests to know that they are apart of it too.